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Peak Entertainment DJ's

The musical needs of your wedding will likely include both ceremony and reception music. Your personal style and the overall theme of your wedding will help you determine whether a bagpipe player, an orchestra, or a DJ would be most appropriate.

Whoever you decide on will likely set the tone for your wedding by the type of music they play and the personality they convey to your guests. Read on for some helpful hints in selecting a DJ or musician.

         Ask for references from friends and relatives who have gotten married recently.

         Many musicians and DJ's will be able to show you a video of themselves at work, this is especially helpful in seeing their personality in action.

         Ask if you can observe them at another affair they are performing at.

         Ask about the amount of experience they have in doing weddings, is this a full time or part time job.

         Many larger companies have multiple DJs. Be sure you know which one will be doing your wedding and ask to communicate with this person.

         Do they communicate well and listen to your questions and needs, or are they uninterested and act as if they know it all.

         Ask about the variety of music they play and what techniques they use to involve all ages in dancing.

         What other types of "games" do they use to get the crowd up and moving?

         What type of medium do they use, i.e. tapes, records, CDs.

         Let them know if you want guests to be able to make requests.

         Provide a list of specific songs you want to hear as well as a list of songs you absolutely don't want played.

         Provide them with a written list of songs you will be using for special dances, i.e. bride & groom, bride with father, entrance song, etc.

  • Find out how many hours are included in their price quote. Are they available to stay for longer if you need them and how much extra would it cost per hour.
  • Your musician or DJ is often the MC of your wedding, plan to meet with them ahead of time to organize the schedule of events for your wedding day.